6 Celebrity Couple Halloween Looks | Kim & Kanye, Justin & Britney, John Lennon & Yoko Ono & more

If you’re anything like us then you’ve left your halloween costume till the last minute. And sadly we can’t all dress up like the queen of halloween herself, Heidi Klum. That is why we are here to let you know how you can rework items from your wardrobe so you too can look like your fave celeb couple.


Arguably the most iconic couple of this generation Kim and Kanye are also the music industries most fashionable couple. And surprisingly it’s really easy to dress like them for halloween. Just think biker shorts, chunky trainers (and butt implants) for Kim K and trackies and sweats for Kanye.

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On mysnapp we have a whole load of bodycon dresses and other Kim K inspired looks.

Dressing like Kanye West this halloween is actually really easy (and comfortable). We are sure everyone has some earthy-toned sweats in their wardrobe that they can whip out. But if you want to look as fresh as Kanye then why not get these Adidas white trackies and Tommy Jeans sweatshirt. Put on this chain for some added Kanye.


Wait. Forget what we said before, this is the iconic duo you need to be going as this halloween.


It’s been 17 years since JT and Britney blessed us with these all denim looks from the 2001 American Music Awards, and we still can’t believe this was the height of fashion in the noughties.

This look is really hard to take inspiration from so listen carefully...step 1) you need to find anything denim step 2) put it on. Whether it’s a denim jacket, shirt, jeans or overalls, anything denim will do. So delve into your mums collection of her old 90s denim and put it on.

We have a ton of denim garms on mysnapp if you, for whatever reason, don’t own anything and everything denim like these two.


When dressing like this power couple, the attention is all about Beyonce. Opt for an elegant long dress or if you want something a little more revealing because ya’kno it’s halloween and we can dress however we want, why not go for this Missguided one. Add some statement earrings and heels and you are good to go.

Whether it’s your boyfriend, best friend or husband being the Jay-Z to your Yonce this halloween, a suit is a must have (and it means you can also go as Vito Corleone from the Godfather next year).


Why not go as John Lennon and Yoko Ono from their wedding day in ‘69. To look like the legend that is John Lennon wear some jeans, a turtleneck (but not a black one or you’ll look like Steve Jobs), a blazer and of course some round glasses. These are all items you probs already have in your wardrobe but if you are still after a pair of round glasses then head here.

For Yoko Ono’s outfit an all white look is a must. A white mini dress worn with some knee high socks, a hat and some oversized sunglasses is a heavenly look this halloween.


It’s sad times when we remember that we will never be Hailey Baldwin and so will never get to marry Justin Bieber, so dressing like them will have to do.

You may have packed your summer co-ords away but (un)fortunately you will have to find them from the back of your wardrobe and put them on again if you want to dress like Hailey. If you *gasp* don’t own any co-ords luckily we have a few colourful options to choose from. Add some mules and some oversized sunnies for this supermodel look.

Justin looks like he’s just come from the gym in this photo so pair a polo shirt with some black shorts, (hotel) slippers and a cap for this devilishly effortless look this year.



This pic was published way before the age of The Gram, but it. went. viral. Jennifer Lopez and P. Diddy (who were still 100% ‘a thing’) got snapped during the 2000’s Grammys and the world went mad.

Of course, so you’re not gonna rock a Versace dress on Halloween, though this inspired design from Dolls Kill comes close enough.

We’ve got a few more classic artist looks on mysnapp. I’m sure we all remember this video?

That flight attendant costume is prolly one of the most iconic music video outfits from the 00’s. And if that’s not iconic enough for ya, then there’s really only one costume good enough for you.

Coming from The King himself, this design is costume royalty.

Get the Elvis inspired Halloween costume on mysnapp. For more inspiration, check out our Trending page.

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