GET THE LUMBER LOOK | Justin Timberlake's new look takes you back to basic

These are the outfits Justin Timberlake wore in the music videos from his #1 album ‘Man of the Woods’

After all the bad reviews and negative comments that Justin got after the release of his new album, the fans now have spoken. And speak, they did! In total, Man Of The Woods moved 293,000 copies, which was well enough to secure Justin the #1 spot on the Billboard 200. Take that, critics!

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Though the year is young, Man Of The Woods is 2018’s best selling album to date yet. What’s interesting is that most of the bulk of sales actually came from physical copies, not streams.

No Wi-Fi in the woods, heh? Well played, Justin. Wel played…

As you might expect from us, we’ve got all the fashion from Justin’s latest streak of music videos. If you want to skip the chatter and go right through to the videos and fashion, just click here.

Man of the Woods

The music video for Man Of The Woods shows Justin in his new found natural habitat, running through woods, sliding down trees and crossing daunting ravines – and all of that in a nine hundred pound flannel shirt.

Now, we know that not all of you just sold a quarter of a million albums, so for those who haven’t, we’ve selected some sweet inspired looks that keep you from burning paper.

Great sneaker choice for a life in the woods. The brown colour keeps you camouflaged when you’re out and about, catching your dinner. Also, you don’t see it when it gets all muddy from the swamps you walk through. Get them here.

Apart from these pieces, Justin wore two more outfits in Man Of The Woods – check all of them out here.

Say Something

For Say Something, Justin teamed up with country outlaw Chris Stapleton.

The music video for Say Something was shot in the historic Bradbury Building – this is where they shot the original Blade Runner! The music video shows the boys strumming their acoustic guitars, but that description doesn’t do this cool video justice. The camerawork is phenomenal and the song’s a real tune; do check it out.

Like in Man Of The Woods, Justin’s wrapped in expensive flannel. Check out the inspired items we’ve gathered for a wallet-friendly lumberjack look.

Yes, you read that well. A cashmere beanie, which is supposedly super soft. Not a fan of black cashmere beanies? Here’s just a black beanie.


Surprise, Surprise! More flannel. But that’s not all. Justin wears a ton of different outfits in Supplies. Here are a few items that might tickle your fancy.

Check out all the (12) items from Supplies and or click here to check out everything we’ve got on Justin Timberlake.

Oh, and of course, listen to Justin’s number 1 album while you’re at it.

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