Zayn’s top 3 most stylish shades

A quarter of a century ago, in a little Yorkshire town, a baby boy was born. Twenty-five years later, he dominates the world’s pop scene and we write an article about what kind of shades he likes to wear. Can we please get 3 hoorays for Britain’s super-duper-superstar, Happy Birthday Zayn Malik! 

Apart from being one of the most successful artists of this era, Zayn Malik has also been credited as being one of Britain’s best-dressed gents. Last year GQ made it official by awarding him as the most stylish man of the year and we’ve got no doubt that Zayn will be leading the fashion game in 2018.

All the more reason to celebrate Zayn’s 25th birthday in a fashionable way. Here’s a breakdown of Zayn’s favourite eyewear.

The Hawkers All Black HF1 

This unusually cool pair of sunnies is one of Zayn’s latest additions to his shades collection. The Hawkers All Black HF1 was featured in Zayn’s latest monster hit – his collaboration with Sia – Dusk Till Dawn.

We all know black sunglasses always win. The half-moon frame gives the shades a robust and edgy vibe, one you really can’t go wrong with. Instant cool for everyone!

And when we say everyone, we mean everyone. You can pick up a pair of Hawkers All Black for only £37,-.

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Ray-Ban Round Glasses

Screenshot 2018-06-19 14.35.52.png

This one has been spotted on Zayn on many occasions. There’s much debate going on whether or not Zayn wears specs out of necessity, but he stated that he doesn’t need them for a better eyesight.

And heck, why not! This pair of Ray Ban sunglasses can make a donkey look intelligent, which makes it the perfect pair of eyewear to smarten up your look.

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Krewe 24k Titanium

Last but not most definitely not least, the Krewe Titanium 24k. Zayn wears these sunglasses with the black ‘zulu’ lenses.

The glasses are not called 24k just to make it sound fancy; the shade’s frame is actually plated with 24k gold. They come with a lifetime warranty, so once you’ve got a pair, your look is sorted for life just make sure not to lose them.

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If your interested in more of Zayn’s style, we’ve got a complete breakdown of his outfit from his latest video Dusk Till Dawn. Click here to check out Zayn’s fashion for yourself.

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