Her 2015 breakthrough album rocked France off their stripey socks. With her new single 'Alright', the rest of the world can bob their heads to Jain's quirky but killer sound.

We're used to JAIN's videos being impeccably creative (it's a thing), but this one might just be her best one, yet. It's also full the perfect cheat-sheet for some new quirky festival outfits.

If you haven’t checked the video yet, feast your eyes on the video now. 

Festival fashionistas will be wowing the crowds with JAIN’s 90’s revival-esque outfits. Throughout, Jain sports a unique blue jumpsuit made by exemplary fashion designer, Agnes B. It's literally made for jumping around in the blubber, but unfortunately not attainable as of right now. Sawry. 

Bringing it back to the festival theme, everybody knows the British weather can be unpredictable to say the least - so an over-layer to protect your outfit from that pesky rain is essential.

You may even WANT the rain with JAIN’s multi-coloured anorak from Bershka. It’s an absolute steal at just over twenty pounds. As always, just click on the + sign for more details of the items.

When trainers come to mind, looking sharp is important, but you don't want to get sore toes, halfway into your festival. These Nike Air Force’s have the best of both worlds. The ones shown in the video are a Valentine’s Day customised special, based on the original sneaker below. 

Accessories make the outfit and are a now must on every festival. Flower headbands literally went viral in recent years, with every festival goer looking like floral queens. This summer, the iconic 90’s bum bag is making a comeback. Once a "ew would wear that?!", now a key ingredient for every day out. No need for looking over your shoulder every couple of seconds to stop your prized possessions from going walkies, everything is right in front of you at all times.

Bershka are on fire at the moment with this eye-catching pink bum bag that’s bound to have all heads turning.

Last but definitely not least, the ideal accessory to accompany all of this - golden, round-framed sunglasses by Mango. That’s if the weather is on our side, which, let’s face it, might only be a temporary thing. Do not, we repeat, do not underestimate how important it is to look super stylish for those precious five minutes of flare.

The release date for her upcoming album ‘Souldier’ is set for late August, so for now just keep hitting that repeat button, have a smashing summer and everything's gonna be alright!

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