Rak-Su are bringing the 90’s vibes back with new video ‘Into It’

X-Factor 2017 winners Rak-Su just dropped a poppin’ new dance video and, OH EM GEE… straight 90’s vibes! The fashion, the beat, the moves, this clip will throw you back straight to childhood.

If it wasn’t for the 4k resolution, you’d think you’d be watching a 90’s music video. In-your-face tops and baggy jeans. Oh, and bright af sneakers, of course, couldn’t be missed.

Much of the bright, summery garms are from J Balvin’s latest collaboration with Guess. Myles is rocking the Guess wind jacket and tee, with Ashley wearing the ‘Vibras’ sweater from the same collection.

Jamaal’s jacket is going pretty out there with his bright blue cropped jacket, which he clashes nicely with a neon utilitarian belt. Though our favourite item has to be Mustafa’s tribal-print patched joggers. Madness!

Complete with the boppy moves, the video has that Fresh Prince of Bel Air swag. What show or music video comes to mind when you think of this era? Shout your throwbacks on Insta and Twitter.

If you haven’t watched the music video, yet, then rush over to mysnapp now. Besides just the fashion from the music video, check out the ‘inspired’ section for fashion with more of the same vibes.

Bram de Graaff