Get the look: Bruno Mars and Cardi B outfits from 'Please Me'

Cardi B and Bruno Mars have blessed us with yet another banger. Their newest video for ‘Please Me’ is set in a diner “somewhere in Los Angeles”, and the 90s vibes are certainly back again.

The song proves that the duos success with ‘Finesse (remix)’ wasn’t just a fluke, but instead was the start of an iconic pop relationship.

Now the pair have released the music video to accompany their steamy 90s RnB single. The video sees the pair fall in love at first sight at the mexican diner.

We’re here to give you the down low on where exactly Cardi B and Bruno Mars’ outfits from the ‘Please Me’ music video are from.


Cardi B’s raunchy outfit is custom Bryan Hearns so sadly isn’t available anywhere else. Bummer, but honestly - would we expect any less?

The rapper can often we seen wearing custom Bryan Hearns designs. Cardi B can be seen wearing his designs in her music video ‘Money’, at the BET awards, and the outfits on her tour.

Cardi B’s bling is courtesy of Vendarafa. She wears the ‘Onda’ earrings.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars aren’t the only ones going retro in their music vids recently. To read about other artists following the 90s trend click here.


Bruno Mars may be playing a bad boy persona in the ‘Please Me’ music video but, hot damn, does the man looks smooth.

Astrid Gallegos was the stylist behind Bruno Mars’ outfits in the ‘Please Me’ video. She’s also the creative genius behind his looks for ‘Finesse’ ft. Cardi B, ‘Versace on the Floor’ and ‘Wake up in the Sky’.

Bruno Mars proves that 90s style can be an everyday wearable look.

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