How to: Notting Hill Carnival! These are our maddest carnival outfits we could find

Ahw yeah, that time of the year! Time to marinade the chicken, wipe clean the old coolbox, rid the off-licence of its Red Stripe and blast the dust off your boombox. That is,  a Ladbroke Grove native. Most of us, however, will be kickin' about in the parade. To make yourself stand out in that maddd crowd, you need to level-up your fashion game, big time. We selected a few crazy eye-catching outfits and fashion items that are hotter than yo mama's jerk!

Starting to from the top: you’re gonna need a pair of funky sunglasses. The sun will be breaking through early afternoon, plus, you’re gonna need some cover by the end of the day. Nothing personal, it’s just what carnival does to you.

These full colour, yet see-through shades are just what you need. The Imani signature sunglasses are limited edition, so be quick to cop!

As you can see, the authenticity of the limited run is protected with a hand-numbered tag. The best thing is, the sunglasses come in a holographic pouch! So even if the glasses end up on the floor, which is always a risk, your money is well spent.

Next up: Jewels; for the shine!

No real ones, though. You can’t get your freak on while you’ve gotta watch your precious rocks. These stick-on body jewels from PrettyLittleThing are just what you need.

Then, season your sparkles with some glitter dust!

Movin’ on to fabrics.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that carnival WILL be messy. About 1 every 4 people loses either their phone, wallet or memory, but with the right precautions, next Tuesday you only have to worry about your bangin' headache. This leopard-print waist belt purse (don’t you dare call it a bum-bag!) keeps all your belongings close and save.

Animal prints vibe well with carnival, so this piece is a real winner. Plus, this little purse can we worn all autumn.

Clash the leopard print hard, with this lila (not purple!) top, that was featured in Imani Williams’ music video Dumb.

During carnival, your sexy looks need to be practical, too. These cycle shorts do the job. Imani wore them in her music video Dumb underneath her skirt, though they do just fine on their own.

You’ve now had the basics. For those who really wanna put on the show, these skirts, suits and boots will do the trick.

This see-through top/shirt combo is not only super sexy, it’s also water repellent so you won’t smell like a dirty bar cloth at the end of the day. AND, it's a perfect match with your holographic pouch. Triple win!

You do wanna make sure you tone this hot outfit down with some proper concealing underwear. Or not. It's carnival, so whatever the jerk. 

This Ride or Die top is one of our personal favourites! It has the colours, the latex; it’s like a carnival top from the future. Is Neo Caribbean a thing? Now it is!

Here's another few festive items that might tickle your fancy. 

And lastly, for the Germophobians:

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