Zayn’s Action Hero Saga Continues!

Zayn’s action film music video trilogy continues – and of course, we’re here first with all the fashion.

The ex-Directioner shows with his new music video Let Me that the acting isn’t just a phase. After Dusk Till Dawn, it is the second consecutive video where Zayn is getting his Hollywood on looking at the people he’s surrounding himself with, he’s really not messing about.

For Let Me, Zayn managed to catch Steven Bauer from the 1983 film Scarface, who most of you might know from the Netflix hit series Breaking Bad. Bauer now stars as an accomplice alongside Zayn as a Miami mogul of some sort, but then… PLOT TWIST!

If you really can’t wait any longer, watch Let Me now on mysnapp.

As with every action movie, there’s always that girl. And now it’s Gigi is out of the picture *sniff* someone else had to step in and fill the position.

Sofia Jamora is the chosen one and many fans find she looks a lot like Gigi. Word on the Tweet is that it has been done on purpose… What do you think?

Either way, that kimono is LIFE! Click on the picture to check it out and see some of the inspired items we’ve found.

Zayn wears a floral shirt by SSS World Corp, just like did in Dusk Till Dawn, which fashion (and shades) is still shoppable on mysnapp.

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