From the label of Tinie Tempah, now comes a new prodigy bound for world domination. Cited by NME as “2018’s breakout rapper”, Yxng Bane is ready to take the UK by storm with his upcoming single Vroom.

But that’s not all… We’re proud to announce that in collaboration with Disturbing London, mysnapp is on board as Yxng Bane’s exclusive fashion partner!

Yxng Bane, native to east London’s Canning Town, is on a roll and he’s not holding back. Of course you know Bane from his last single Bestie, a collaboration with fellow Disturbing London artist Yungen that went platinum.

And while Bestie is still on high rotation, Yxng Bane’s new track Vroom is set to catch up right in its slipstream!

Click on the poster below to watch Yxng Bane’s music video for Vroom on mysnapp.


We are proud to say that Vroom is mysnapp’s first of many exclusive collaborations. What that means is that all (!!!) of Yxng Bane’s fashion is up for grabs on mysnapp.

On top of it all, Yxng Bane was kind enough to strike us a few poses.

Together with fashion designer Dxpe Chef, Yxng Bane released an exclusive streetwear line, adding to the Heart Break Kid t-shirt which was previously released.

All the Dxpe Chef items are available on mysnapp. Check them all out here.

These pictures are only the tip of the iceberg. Click here to check out the other four (!) outfits that Yxng Bane wore in Vroom.

So… What’s that ‘big news’ clickbait headline, you ask?

It’s an exclusive peek behind the scenes on what went down on Vroom’s set, revealing all the fashion bit by bit. The video will be released sooner than you think, so make sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to stay up to date on all things Yxng Bane related.

Visit mysnapp to shop all the fashion from Yxng Bane – Vroom.

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