The Ins and Outfits of Vroom w/ Yxng Bane

YES PEEPS! It’s here – the Behind the Scenes video of Vroom with a rundown on Yxng Bane’s wardrobe.

Watch the teaser for The Ins and Outfits for Vroom below.

The Ins and Outfits of Vroom give you a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes on the set when we shot Vroom. Of course, we’ve made sure you’ve got a clear sight on all the fashion worn by Yxng Bane and his dancers.

Our full video collaboration with Yxng Bane can be found on mysnapp – click here to watch The Ins and Outfits of Vroom.

All the fashion from Vroom can be found on mysnapp.

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Bram de Graaff