EXCLUSIVE CO.LAB w/ Imani Williams - Limited Edition Sunglasses

DROP EVERYTHING! Imani Williams, a superstar on the rise, just released the banger of the year! Her new single Dumb features Tiggs Da Author & BellySquad and Sigala worked his magic on the production. 

mysnapp teamed up with Imani, to create a collection of signature sunglasses for her and her squad to rock in Dumb's music video. If you haven't already seen it, you NEED to check the music video now

Did you see those colourful shades that Imani and her crew wear throughout the video? Yeah, we did that! The shades are suuuper limited edition. Like, really limited. Like, Back-To-The-Future's-selflacing-Nike-MAG-kinda limited.

Imani herself co-designed the sunglasses, which are available in 4 different colours: yellow, purple, blue and pink!

Check out the images of Imani wearing her signature shades. Click on the little '+' for more details.

So, that's not all. They come in a sick holographic pouch. Tadaaa!

As you can see in the picture above, all of Imani's signature sunglasses are hand-numbered. Why? CUZ THEY'RE LIMITED EDITION THAT'S WHY!

As we said before, they come in four colours, so click here to check out the rest

If you rate Imani's style, you deffo wanna follow Imani on Insta. 



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