Little Mix rocks up with their own make-up brand, LMX

Okay, trick question: How many make-up tutorials does it take to copy the looks of Little Mix’ Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jade or Jesy?
4…? Nahhh.
1 ...? Naaaaaahhhhh.
The answer is zero. The answer to all your wants and needs is zero.

The answer is LMX, Little Mix’ very own cosmetics brand. Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jade and Jesy announced their new LMX line during Pride Weekend and now LMX is finally available in Boots stores around the world - and of course, here on mysnapp.

The LMX by Little Mix makeup collection features highlighters, contour powders, matte lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, makeup brushes, fashion bag, hologram cosmetic bags, face gems, lucky dip, face & body glitters and more.

Pop In Pink Palette

Get that party poppin’, babes! The colourful Pop In Pink palette is great for going out. The girls’ each put in their own favourite colour so you can mix it up as you please. mysnapp’s own editorial fashionista Gabi tried Perrie’s look on herself and the look is actually bang-on the money! Winner, this one.

Shout Out To My Pout - Lip & Liner Collection

Create beautiful and natural lips with these nude LMX lip colours. Again, four girls, four moods, one mix.

If you want to get your hands on the nude palette lip & liner collection, just click here →


If you’ve reached the point of ‘Shut Up And Take My Money!’, then this kit will sort you right out. The centrepiece of the Little Mix’ LMX collection is called The Mega Beauty Edit, which really says it all. This makeup set includes everything you need: lip gloss, lip liner, matte lip colour, eyeliner pencil, highlighter, eyeshadow palette, glitter eyeliner, face gems, glitter primer, and face & body glitter pot. The shades are super pigmented and are perfect for colouring, and the bonus is that they are long lasting! Plus, it’s a great cosmetic bag filler.

Talking, ‘bout bags:

Lip Gloss & Fashion Bag

Including lip glo… yeah whatever. SHINY HOLOGRAPHIC UNICORN BAG!!! <3

X-Mas Lucky Dip

Wanna surprise your bestie mixer? Don’t wanna get the blame if you choose the wrong colour palette? Buy Merry Mix-Mas Lucky Dip bag, and dodge all responsibilities.

Each of lucky dip hologram bags contains two shimmering beauty treats. The Face & Body glitter pot and lip gloss are perfect to finish your party look. Available in four different shades.

There are like 20 or so more items within the LMX make-up line, check it out.

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